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  GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales 2011 powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport Frequently Asked Questions

What other people have already asked and what might also be informative for you too:

When is the main payment for the event due?
To secure your entry you have to pay a deposit of £100 with your entry form. The outstanding amount (depending on entry package/option) is due before the 1st June 2011. Please make sure that you send your cheque or pay online by then. If you have difficulties sticking to that date, please let us know in advance to ensure you do not lose your place as rider numbers are restricted.

If I enter but have to withdraw due to medical reasons, can I transfer my place to someone else?
Yes, of course. Once you have a confirmed team or solo entry you can transfer it to another rider up to the day of registration. If you can’t find a replacement, the cancellation costs are as follows:
£100 deposit is non-refundable during the last four weeks before the start => only 50% of the total entry fee will be returned during the last week before the event => no refund will be returned

If you need to transfer your entry please inform us as soon as possible via or .  

Do I have to register on Friday or Saturday or can I do it on the Sunday morning before the event gets going?
Yes, you MUST register on the Friday or Saturday! Registration will be on Friday 12th August 2011 between 6.00pm – 9.00pm and on 13th August between 8.00am – 8.00pm. If you expect to arrive later than that, please call us on . There will be no registration on Sunday morning. However we will try to accommodate you if you can’t get to the registration in time.

When will the campground be open?
The campground and the facilities will be open from Friday (registration day) onwards. It will stay open until Sunday (21st August) afternoon as we hope that everybody will stay until then and join us for the finishers’ party on the Saturday night.

Are there opportunities to leave our cars? Are they safe?
Yes, you can leave your car at the event village located at the start and finish of the event. We will get back to where your car is parked on the last riding day of the event (20th August 2011). We’ve never had any problems at the start and finish locations over the last few years, but all cars are parked there at the owner’s risk. We will do our utmost to keep an eye on them throughout the week but unfortunately we can’t give any guarantees.

How much equipment will be transported per rider from location to location?
You will be given a very big GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales kit bag – roughly 35 x 40 x 100cm at registration (13th August). This bag will have to carry all your clothes, cycling gear, spares and your sleeping equipment. Your tent will travel separately. That’s it!

What kit do we have to bring?
We will provide you with a list of everything you need to bring. It can be found on the Requirements page on the website. It is not a long list so please make sure you take a look shortly before you head off and take everything with you. You will also be asked to carry at least one mobile phone (per team) with you for emergencies. We will make a note of your number when you sign-on at registration so that we can contact you if needs be.

Are there any feed stations on course?
Yes, there will be feed stations for the linking stages. Their location will be announced before the start of each day. They will be close enough to each other that you should not run out of supplies. However, please note that you have to make sure that you are self-sufficient and that you use the feeding stations only to top up your supplies rather than to rely on them as your sole source of drink and food. We will also have a rolling lunch, which means that at around lunchtime you will pass a feed station that will provide everyone with a lunch pack. The special stages will not have feed stations due to their shorter length.

Will the TransWales 2011 course differ from previous years?
Yes it will. That doesn’t mean that riders who took part in previous years will not recognise certain parts we want to keep the classic sections in there whilst including brand new bits. We will also be ensuring a truly East to West TransWales experience.

Do I have to do the special stages?
In principle you don’t but the majority of the special stages will be run ‘within’ the linking stages. Where the special stage is separate (held either before or after the linking stage) then you can simply sit that one out. If you sit any of them out, you will not be able to win the event or a category but if you are not bothered about that then don’t worry about the special stages.

Do I have to be super fit?
No, not really. We suggest that may have done the odd long distance event like a MTB Marathon or similar before and that you go out on your bike on a regular basis but that is pretty much it. Pacing, eating and drinking enough are key.

Will much navigation be needed?
No. There is no navigation necessary on the special stages and they will be marked specifically for riding at speed. The linking stages will be well marked so that hardly, if any, navigation is required. You will also get a route card with reference points and a course description to help you to take the right turns along the route if needed.

Can I bring a mobile home?
Yes, no problem. Please let us know in advance so that we can make sure that there is enough space at the various locations. Again we would ask you to carry your own equipment if you have family or friends supporting you with a mobile home.

What technical support is allowed?
There are no restrictions on technical support. The only rule is that you can only use one frame for the whole event. This rule will obviously not apply if you damage or break your frame and you have to use one of the backup bikes.

Can we have our own team support?
Yes of course. In case you do you are obviously not limited on what you can take and we would ask you to transport your equipment yourself. Please let us know if you have your own team support and what sort of sleeping/transport arrangement you have so that we can make sure that we have enough space at the various locations. Please be aware that we might have to charge support crews a small contribution if extra facilities have to be brought in.

Can my family, partner or friends follow me?
We welcome families and friends with tents, mobile homes or caravans. We would be grateful to be notified of the size of vehicle and number of extra people expected at each location to make sure we have enough space for everyone. Please be aware that we might have to charge a small contribution if extra facilities have to be brought in.

Is there going to be a ‘meals-only’ voucher system in place for support crew/friends/family?
Yes there will be. Please let us know in advance how many meals-only vouchers your team might need. You will receive them and be asked to pay for them at the registration on the 13th August 2011. The price for the meal only ticket is £125.

Can I enter from abroad?
Yes, you can! As it will not be that straight forward for you to send us a Pound Sterling cheque we suggest that you get in touch with us on for details on money transfer, online payment and potential airport pickup.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with us at:


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