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  GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales 2011 powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport

The phenomenon known as the ‘TransUK’ launched in 2006 with the first ever ‘TransWales’. Now entering its sixth season and third with title sponsor GORE BIKE WEAR™ powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport - imprinting the UK on the global ‘MTB Trans’ map.

The GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport has a mixture of mostly off-road linking stages - which are untimed and special stages – which are timed. By doing this we cater for those who want to see what Wales can offer as a cycling destination whilst indulging the more competitive rider with the special stages. Here’s a quick reminder of the difference between the two:

Linking stage:
The linking stages are the main part of the daily ride and link the starting venue with the finish location. Most linking stages are between 50-80km long and are not timed in the conventional way. Instead, riders are given a timeframe to complete the distance in e.g. 70km in 6 hours. Riders who come in after get a time penalty that can affect your overall position. So, a certain amount of strategy is required to make sure you arrive at the next location within the time limit. Not competitive, but one still has to put the effort in. Regardless, these stages will give you the chance to enjoy some of the best riding the UK has to offer without the ongoing pressure that you have to press on (you get the chance to chat to other riders, stop for a great view, a photo or a cheeky pint in a local pub).

Due to not being races we really can pick the best trails in the area we are going through, showing the riders the best single-tracks, views and descents out there.

Special stages:
Here is where it counts. The special stages are held on separate courses, mainly purpose built-trails. Here everyone can experience undulating serpentine like single-track, jumps and burns – even at night. The idea with teams and soloists is to find out who is the fastest and has the best skills amongst them. Concentration and speed will be the order of the day. Riders compete against each other but as it’s a time trial, they go off at set intervals and are timed on their efforts. We’ll see riders battle it out for split seconds and the stages will be packed full of drama.

We will have 4-5 special stages this year. They will be run either prior to or after a linking stage or within the stages. As with previous years we like to mix it up a bit with the type of special stages too – hill climbing, descents and general trail riding stages so that we can really find out who the best all-rounders are.

At least one of the special stages will be held at night - decent night-lights are a must.

YouTubeFor more information, watch the YouTube video where event organiser Michael Wilkens explains the concept:

We are currently in the course planning stage but as it looks we will utilise once again some of the best welsh trail centres – either as special stages or part of linking stages. New sections will be added to the 2011 course whilst keeping in many of the classic sections and great bits of trail the riders enjoyed so much in previous years. For 2011 the GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales course will span from the English border all the way to the Welsh coast covering the width of the country, touching areas never before visited by our event.

Keep an eye on the Stages page where we will put news and updates on the course.

And finally…
GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales 2011 is not just about riding your bike fast and long. It is also about making new friends whilst discussing the day’s events over dinner, riding through amazing countryside in one of the most picturesque parts of Wales, pushing your own limits, following an active and healthy lifestyle and simply about being part of something special. If you have had the chance to be part of the this unique experience in previous years, you will know what we are talking about and if not, come along to the 2011 GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport and find out for yourself.


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